• I was at no danger of being in the tank For starters, I am a journalist, bound by the ethos for which my commerce is admired. For another, politics is an unusual business, and individuals who go into it are people that are egotistical and odd, not like me, a journalist that is normal and virtuous. Additionally, there was too much salivating in this race. When Democrat Henry Waxman announced in January that he had be retiring from Congress, having represented much of Los Angeles County the effect was like granddad leaving behind a rent-restricted penthouse to an unclear heir.

    And yet Miller’s effort interested me. In La, Miller is a minor celebrity, best known for hosting a public-radio show called “Left, Right & Center.” And he’s written The Tyranny of Dead Notions, The 2% Solution and two fairly good books. In the 1990s, he did some time under President Clinton, followed by a stint at The New Republic, and today he does some private sector consulting. On May 1, more than a month before the primary, Miller also picked up an endorsement from your Los Angeles Times, so if Miller had qualifications that I considered to be worthy, these were similarly noted by some of Miller’s most notable fellow opinion journalists. So there.

    Eight days before the primary, I headed out to see the man effort. The occasion took place in the backyard of a broad house in Pacific Palisades, Miller’s own neighborhood, a wealthy pocket of hillside Los Angeles next to the ocean. Crossing a bridge over a koi pond at the entry, I presented myself to the host, Chuck Davis, a buddy of Miller’s since the 1980 s, when both were at Brown University. (although I guess alumni of Brown now run Los Angeles, but that is another story) On hand for visitors, along with snacks and beverages, were stick on tattoos that read, in black lettering, “MATT MILLER FOR CONGRESS! ENDORSED BY THE LOS ANGELES TIMES”–created because political advisor Stan Greenberg told Miller to tattoo the Times sanction on his brow. Of the couple dozen clients, nearly all over 40, several had applied the “Mattoo,” as the campaign called it, to various non-brow parts of the body. Myself attached it and caught one.
    Miller is 52, bespectacled and tall, resembling a slender Norm Macdonald. That day, he wore frumpy black slip on shoes, grey pants, and a blue polo shirt that allowed his arm Mattoo to be visible. “This is through several days of showers,” he assured her. Afterward, after thanking his hosts, and, with a gesture toward a rich canyon view, noting “how many beautiful ways there are to live in La,” Miller launched into his stump speech.

    For the “centre” of “Left, Right & Center,” he was surprisingly emphatic, denouncing health care “oligopolies” and deploring how campaigns are funded. A wonky carbon tax that would rebate all the cash to the taxpayer was proposed by him, and he said he’d push the federal government to encourage teacher hiring policies just like those in Finland and Singapore. The audience member was also lively. Inquired about lavish defense procurement, he said solemnly that we should “shrink the Pentagon down to the size of a triangle.” (He followed up having a serious response.) Asked about partisanship and gerrymandering, he noted that he considered Rockefeller Republicans to be sadly endangered and encouraged that they be bred in captivity.

    The questions he got were considerably more substantial than what journalists would ask, and the replies he gave were considerably more sensible than what regular candidates would provide. He clarified he wanted to be on the budget committee when there’s a window for meaningful activity as a way to take advantage of those short periods every two to four years. Unlike almost any candidate, his own policy papers were written by him, and ideas so as to make prospects of passing more likely, blessed by conservatives were used by several his propositions.
    Cover enough campaigns and you understand that entering politics in earnest is like a promise to amputate everything interesting about yourself. It’s a vow. But I needed to acknowledge that politics didn’t seem to have destroyed Matt Miller. I eyed my Mattoo. Would it not be professional to wear one, just for reporting purposes?

    I scrolled over to see what Miller’s chief opponents, the presumptive Democratic front runners, were saying, once I returned home. Greuel had taken to her Facebook page to condemn Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist taped remarks (“revolting and disgraceful”), to condemn an odious poster drawn up by adversaries of Texas gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis (“profoundly offensive”), and to assure voters of her devotion to “work tirelessly to maintain and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.”

    Five days later, myself joined Ben Sherman, Miller and his campaign’s chief of staff, to watch Miller canvas at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Much swallowing of pride is required of a candidate at such times.

    Miller was asked by me if it was challenging to approach people out of the blue; he said he enjoyed it. “Hey there, good looking,” Miller said to a lady walking the other way. “Do myself live in the area?” It was Jody Miller, Matt’s wife. Miller’d had luck with some of the market-goers, she said, and she reported that one elderly lady seated nearby’s vote had been offered by she in exchange. “Take it off,” Matt ordered.

    In his studies of optimism, psychologist Martin Seligman has found that pessimists are more than likely than optimists are to be realistic. This may be useful in financial preparation; but in politics, optimism is best. Matt Miller estimated that half of his strategies were successful getting out the word. Myself estimated that about a fifth were. Jody Miller said she didn’t anticipate so many out-of-area tourists to be at the market. I thought I didn’t expect so many liars to be at the market. However, he had associated with at least a couple dozen interested folks, and one had even offered to man phones.

    I do not need to say i was becoming a hushed cheerleader . That would have not been professional, plus myself was holding a drink. But still. Could a non-hack actually make the cut?

    Three days later, it was time. Myself slept badly on Monday, but really only because I had had coffee that was late. On Tuesday night, impatient, I checked my notebook, but no final results. The following day, I saw that it had not been made by Matt Miller into the top two. He’d come in a commendable fifth, with 12 percent of the vote. Democrat Ted Lieu had secured a run-off position, with 19 percent of the vote, and so had a Republican named Elan Carr, with 22 percent. Just 13 percent had participated–the normal.

    I checked Carr’s campaign page and found that he’d taken to Facebook to condemn the Holocaust (“one of history’s most despicable atrocities”), to condemn cruelty to animals (“individuals who deliberately torture animals should head to state prison”), and to invite supporters to a ,000-per-plate dinner “hosted by my buddies Sheldon and Miriam Adelson at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.”

    Life as we know it’d restarted.

    On Thursday morning, Miller there was no mistaking the comedown, and and myself met up for a cup of coffee in Pacific Palisades. He noted evenly that, 24 hours outside, he’d not had lots of time, as myself asked Carr about penetrations and strategies. He would take a holiday with his wife and daughter. But he was not unhappy he had given it a try. “I think politics is an extremely worthy calling,” he said. “If good people do not do this, how do we expect anything to get better?”

    Victory once again, had gone to the conventional sorts. Still, I confess: Some of the might have come out less jaded. For all the grubbiness, apathy, bribery, hackery, and phoniness in the match, for all the votes to be gained by a business position against cat torture, American democracy still works well enough that getting involved has a tendency to make you less, not more, cynical. Miller had lost, just as the’d known he’d. But he’d done unusually well in a four-month campaign and, with twice the time, he might have come in fourth. Or better. Right?

  • Questions and Interview Conducted by Veronica Yu.

    We loved the elegant boutique ( 594 Davie Street.) where every fashionsta can locate a perfect ensemble for any occasion. The collection of garments is tasteful, original and carefully chosen. But keep in mind that Timeline boutique can be a place where it is possible to drop off your ‘pre owned’ designer items because it’s a consignment boutique. We adore the whole concept – Congratulations Azura.

    VFW: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Azura: I opened Timeline Boutique 2 years ago. We only had our second anniversary.

    VFW: When did you find your passion?

    Azura: When I was little, I liked everything with sequins, and frills, and sparkles, and my grandmothers’ high heels, and her Chanel suit selection, and her jewelry. That’s when it happened.

    VFW: What or who inspired you?

    Azura: Kathleen, My grandmother. The most fashionable girls I Have ever understood. I understand she’s here in spirit, although she is past on to the next world. She had great style. She always left the house looking fabulous.

    VFW: Do you have a small narrative between you and your grandma?

    Azura: She made sure I had the most adorable outfits on, and well she is the one who encouraged me to wear frills, and she’d take me and I would like to shop, and see everything, and be inspired.

    VFW: What does fashion mean for you?

    Azura: I appreciate the beauty of the cloth of the textures, especially the colors and the clothes. That’s what really gets me joyful, particularly sequins and things that sparkle.

    VFW: What has been your biggest challenge running around the store?

    Azura: Fashion is a thing that is pretty joyful.

    VFW: Then what’s your happiest moment?

    Azura: We did just help clothing recording artist, Eliza Smith, for a music video. We led to many of the looks, and she looked incredible, and that may live on forever. It is a full-length music video with local rapper Kyprios. Also, other local company contributed. Between all of us, we simply created those appearances, and I have to say it was Kash Daniels who designs for the shops and did the visuals. He’s responsible for making her appear that great in the garments from Timeline.

    VFW: What’s your favourite piece in the shop at this time?

    Azura: It is something I simply purchased myself. I’m afraid if I put it on the floor someone will additionally desire it. It’s a party dress. It is in the back. I’ll show you after. I also really like right now…well someone already purchased those Jimmy Choo’, but they were truly fantastic, but someone came in running yesterday and got them. Yeah usually the shoes, I really like shoes that are elaborate.
    VFW: What other interests do you have?

    Azura: I appreciate the arts. They’ve a little Jazz band out of UBC. I was really impressed. Great music is appreciated by me. Live music. Not much of a foodie. I attempt to eat organic.

    VFW: What’s your aim in life with the store?

    Azura: Have Vancouver wear more sequins? Be dressed up! Be joyful!

    VFW: What do you think of Vancouver’s fashion style?

    Azura: I am able to appreciate that we need to dress for the weather. But there is no reason not to be over dressed. You can quote me on that.

    VFW: What would you think about Vancouver Fashion Week?

    Azura: I think it is actually exciting, seeing new designers and recognized designers, walking the exact same runway. That is exciting to see what people find beautiful in other areas.

    VFW: What are your standards when picking your providers?

    Azura: It must maintain new condition. It needs to be all set on the ground. In order to mix it all together.

    VFW: Have you got a favourite style?

    Azura: I know sparkles are not for everyone, therefore I do pick stripes for other people out. I do pick out black and white, despite the fact that I do not normally wear that mix. I consider what other people enjoy to wear also.

    VFW: How can you pick on the music for the shop?

    Azura: It has to be joyful. Really I mean its fashion. You’ve got to wear something. Food, clothing and shelter are necessities.

    VFW: Do you have a favored fashion quotation or an icon you admire?

    Azura: I love Versace. Next in line is Cavalli, hands down. I and I adore their showmanship and it, respectively. Would you wear it walking out of the store at the moment? I’d say if someone requests my view: do you believe that you’ll be able to just walk out wearing it? That is how you know the right things are being worn by you. So you only need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Confidence in what you are wearing. Does not matter which designer you are wearing.

    VFW: Are you experiencing lots of people asking you what you keep in your wardrobe that is staff?

    Azura: Therefore I try to have two or three things in my personal closet that I haven’t worn yet. Then when it’s a huge occasion I’ve got something to wear. I do not to shop when it is a crunch, but I’m happy to help other folks when they run in need something and last minute , even for a black tie occasion with 30-minutes to spare. It happens all the time.

  • With summer here, it’s time for boots and shoes that are heavy to go into the rear of the wardrobe as we make way for strappy sandals and flip flops. From walking on the beach to veranda parties to relaxing by the pool and hiking on vacation, you want your feet to be cozy and ready for every summer activity.

    But after a lengthy winter, your feet may not be looking or feeling their best. The colder months can be brutal on feet causing everything to dry skin and brittle nails from calluses and corns. Feet can often be overlooked during our daily beauty routine, but they should not be. Comfortable and healthy feet are the foundation of a healthy body. And, when your feet look beautiful and feel comfortable, you will feel great too.

    “You may not think about your feet that frequently, but they are an essential part of nearly everything you do,” says Jane Cappaert, head of devices, research and development for Dr. Scholl’s. “Whether walking, running, exercising, or merely being out with friends this summer, having feet that are cozy and well-cared for will make a big difference. Knowing just how to take care of them is essential to feeling good and looking good.”

    There are several methods to look after your feet and help get friends ready for their debut in the sun. Here are some easy measures to get your tootsies healthy and looking their finest in a flash if they are looking for a little TLC::

    Head off corns and calluses

    Thick calluses and corns occur from shoe pressure or friction, usually or between the toes. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly – definitely nothing you desire revealing going barefoot in the backyard or when wearing sandals. Dr. Scholl’s(R) One Step Corn Remover removes corns quickly, with as few as two treatments. Program is easy and the clear bandage remains on all day long . With your corns removed, it is possible to feel assured -toe shoes this summer.

    Get a pedicure

    An expert pedicure can take feet from winter rough to summer beautiful in no time whatsoever. This hint men, pertains to you too.

    Lock in wetness

    Rubbing your feet can help keep your skin soft and younger-appearing. Additionally, it provides a chance to scrutinize your feet for sores, blisters or lumps so you can care for any issues before they get worse.

    Great footwear

    Care of your feet time to show younger off, given that you have taken it. If you anticipate buying a new pair recall when blisters can be caused by breaking them in that friction and irritation. Dr. Scholl’s Blister Treatment helps treat and prevent blisters while remaining comfortably in place. Pick footwear that is comfortable with support – especially if you plan to be aggressive and on your feet. An enjoyable pair of open-toe sandals offers amazing fashion, while flip flops are easy and relaxed. And, of course, if the chance presents itself to go barefoot, love grass or the sand .

    Kickoff summer. With these easy steps your feet will look and feel great, and you could flaunt those in sunlight all summer long.

  • “Dad, Dad! Look! Look at the waves! Go through the waves! They are coming in! Look how large they can be! Father, look!” Yelled the excited four-year old lad. Four ran back and forth with a buzz cut and his bathing suit about ten feet behind our blanket, this compact little child merely low enough to reveal the very top of a baby butt crack.
    He continued to dart churning up the sand. “Let us go down there, Father! C’mon, let us go now! Have a look at the waves, Father! C’mon!”

    This child was getting just a tad bit annoying. She laughed. But he apparently heard me and thought it was his dad talking. Dad was, of course right behind him. The kid was quickly, but legs a foot long can only get as much distance, before an adult catches up to them. Fortunate for now, I suppose.

    Now, truth be told, the waves weren’t large at all on that overcast Sunday. But that didn’t stop the official beach saving ATV too quickly down the shore, to deposit a lifeguard on this, the loneliest end of the beach. Oh, there were plenty of people around us. But we weren’t packed toe to toe as four people were down the beach’s main segment. So, odds were, this lifeguard was not likely to have his roughest rescue day…hopefully, anyhow.

    He was a cool cucumber, nonetheless, with his Oakley shades, perfect hair, and sweatshirt emblazoned with those menacing words “LIFEGUARD” across the back. After sharing a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with his ATV driver, he settled down on the seashore, sitting on his small orange saving preserver. He was there to be seen, no doubt. So he chucked his Styrofoam coffee cup in the sand and headed down the beach for a better place. We questioned if he could even find someone drowning out among the waves, given that he couldn’t find a receptacle for his junk…

    There is little doubt that the shore is the best place to people watch. The overly big gentleman several feet from us was interesting to see, as he shoveled a few donuts in record time, while his wife did the same, between drags on her cigarette. Truthfully, we were a bit grossed out – that wasn’t eating, it was like throwing food into the garbage disposal. His ample girth was covered by a T-shirt that read “Victor Don’t Follow”. We were fairly sure, after watching his eating habits, that no one would be following him everywhere. So now guess you could say everyone’s a winner.

    We found that many folks had mastered the Art of Beach Preparation, a daunting task. We were particularly impressed by the single woman who pulled in just after us and appropriate bag of accoutrements. The chair was set by her out only so, totally angled to catch the sun. She laid down her mat on the sand, finding four equally-sized stone to hold it down. All was perfectly in order…until a small kid tripped over her seat, landed flat on the mat, and sent his ice cream cone tumbling across that perfectly laid out line of beach equipment. He just nonchalantly walked away and got up. She was speechless and now doubt that she’ll ever recover. The diversity ca n’t be just handled by some people that are anal on the beach.

    Did not seem to matter how many children they had, the stack of stuff they brought always seemed to be about the same four or five tons.

    Yet despite this strain on the parents, the children seemed to be having an excellent time. One little whippersnapper went racing across the sand before us crying, “Mother! Mother! I found a rock!” Picture…discovering a rock on the shore. Next, he’ll begin discovering the sand God set there. Later in life, he’ll see the girls in bikinis walking on that sand. Eventually, he will be dragging his own pile of toys across the sand for his own little cherubs. Even the shore has its circle of life.

    Seemingly, summer life is so exciting that they also give Duck Boat Tours of the area. You may remember the Duck Boats are reconditioned World War II-classic amphibious landing vehicles – essentially trucks that convert into boats. They are popular in large cities, either or next to a major river, where they investigate points of interest in the city then dip into the water for a little cruise along the coastline. Why they exist at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is another narrative. It’s merely a shore. Is a playground there. But heck, the four folks on the Duck Boat Tour that day seemed to be having a great time, so why deny them. It likely saved those parents from having to drag all their children‘ toys to the shore, as the day started to wind down.

    With the waning of the day, we finally packed up our stuff and shuffled off to the parking lot, and then find a $15 ticket on the windshield for a meter. “The meter maid simply left,” said the guy in the car next to us. “I think she hung around until your time ran out, which was about two minutes ago.”

    And so ended another day for us at the beach. I suppose the total sum to park – $21, considering the meter token and the ticket, was still a fair amount given all the entertainment that went on around us. And we did not even have to haul one single toy across the sand…

    Joe’s Two Cents – It’s Great To Be Alive is Joe Paradis’ first published book and collects 40 of his most famous stories, enriching them with humorous photography. The book is a compilation of forty of Joe’s best short stories.

    Injecting humor into issues from regular life, Joe answers those earth-shattering questions we all have about the beach, the toilet, the junk drawer. From men‘ tools to girl talk. High school seniors to the senior years.

    This classic set has been updated to contain a short introduction and pictures . Until now, only God understood what possessed Joe to write about these things. Now you can too!

  • The much-awaited launch of the elaborate device called Google Glass is set to happen soon. The initiation was created by the search engine giant Google, which will be finally releasing their controversial new gadget which is supposed to work with Android cellphones and iPhones. It is also a voice-managed device.

    The main aim for the creation of the device was to ensure people can still use the internet even if they are walking or doing other activities. Their first plan branched out into several others, which led to the creation of a multifunctional device as an end result. But since this concept has been put to life, just several customers could get the bit of technology. The apparatus was entirely exclusive until now and was just released on an invitation basis. Several weeks ago, there was a public launch but only for a limited amount of time.

    In accordance with the most recent news, Google and Ray Ban, one of the biggest shades companies of the world have paired up. Thus, we might be seeing Ray Ban glasses with incorporated Google Glass, or Google Glass shortly. This will finally make the apparatus more accessible together with in various brands that are several.

    This device is basically attached to the smartphone to optimize its utility, making it just like a continuation of your smartphone use. It’s a metallic framework attached to it and the hardware is situated on the side. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth and WiFi. There are also strategies to create a Google Glass 3G instead of using cellphones to join the unit.

    Lots of people haven’t stopped from purchasing one whenever there is an opportunity. It has an initial cost of $1,500 and within this year the complete and official version of the apparatus might be finished. It’s also believed that a considerably more economical version will be up for release shortly.

  • Police have warned the people to be careful of cheap designer sunglasses after thousands of dollars worth of high-end sunglasses were stolen from an Auckland retailer.

    They stole more than 90 pairs of top-brand sunglasses

    The offenders fled in a blue Subaru.

    It’s the second time the shop has been hit lately.

    Late last month, wrongdoers smashed the front window and stole more than $35,000 worth of designer shades.

    The Remuera Rd division of OPSM was targeted on April 12, and similar brands were stolen.

    These sunglasses have a P moulded and LUXOTTICA on the side and may have sale decals orlabels attached.

    Anyone who is approached and offered designer sunglasses at unusually low costs isrequested to phone the police.

    The sunglasses retail from $129 to $530 a pair.

  • Press release:
    SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., April 28, 2014 – SURFER Magazine’s 2014 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge is back on the West Coast at Lower Trestles this Friday, May 2nd for the West regional qualifying event. Surfers will be stoked for the chance to to surf the world-class Lowers break with no crowd.

    The seven-event nationwide hunt is midway through its annual quest to get the greatest teams from stops in three places of California and Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Hawaii. Four-man teams (two surf store masters and two shop workers) will be competing for an opportunity to win an all-expense-paid trip to the National Championship in Central America, an advertising spread in SURFER Magazine, and the enviable title and bragging rights of finest surf store in the nation.

    This past year, Team Revolution directed by Nathaniel Curran stole the title from 2012 National Winners Jack’s Surfboards. But the West regional has been the match of anyone with Huntington Surf & Sport and Jack’s both making it to the Final this past year and having Regional Championships at the same time.

    Affirmed West OSSC teams:

    Active Ride Store
    ET Surf
    Frog House
    Jack’s Surfboards (Dana Point)
    Jack’s Surfboards (Huntington Beach)
    Dana killer
    Laguna Surf & Sport
    Spyder Surf
    Surfside Sports
    T. Patterson Surfboards
    Val Surf (Thousand Oaks)
    Val Surf (Valley Village)
    ZJ Boarding House

    The entire 2014 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge calendar:

    – March 28-29 – Southwest – Seaside Reef, Cardiff, Calif.
    – April 11 – Mid-Atlantic – Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks, NC
    Manasquan Inlet, Manasquan, NJ
    – May 2 – West – San Clemente, Calif.
    Ala Moana Bowls, South Shore, Haw.
    – July 23/24 – Northwest -
    Fla. Ponce Inlet,
    – TBD – National Championship – Central America

    For all of the latest info including photos, video footage, consequences and more, check out surfshopchallenge.com.
    Special thanks to title sponsor Oakley, co sponsors New Era and media patron SURFER Magazine, Futures Fins, Watermans Sunscreen and Banzai Bowls, without which the Surf Shop Challenge series would not be possible.

    About Surf Shop Challenge

    Originally thought to offer a fun and competitive arrangement for the hardcore surf shop riders, the SURFER Shop Team Challenge was one of the early 1980s of the most popular and exciting Southern California contests. Through the years the contest has evolved, culminating in a national tournament abroad and growing into seven qualifying regional events around the state. The underlying principles, nevertheless, have remained the same. The Oakley Surf Shop Challenge is about giving back to the center of the sport, the true anchor of the industry and the stores. Each year the competition level increases, the stakes become greater and the prizes become larger.

    About Oakley, Inc.

    The world-wide leader in functionality sunglasses, goggles and prescription eyewear, Oakley additionally offers watches, practical and lifestyle clothing, footwear and accessories. The firm was created for sportsmen who see impossibility as simply another challenge, and their dedication inspires Oakley to seek out issues, solve with innovation and roll creation in art. Surpassing the limits of possibility for over thirty years, Oakley serves the demands of world class athletes with unbeatable technologies including High Definition Optics?

    About SURFER

    As the first, SURFER Magazine started in 1960. After a very long history of delivering provocative and insightful editorial features, revealing interviews and award winning state of the art photography, SURFER remains the authoritative voice of the surfing world and thus earned the moniker “the bible of the sport.” The SURFER brand has also grown to contain Surfermag.com, Fantasy Surfer, and the SURFER message boards. All these assets combine to make the SURFER system the most current and reliable channel of information to the surf community. The magazine is released by Source Interlink’s GrindMedia, which reaches more than 22-million active sports enthusiasts through an integrated network of online properties, magazines, events and television scheduling.

    About GrindMedia

    The GrindMedia of source Interlink Media is the world’s largest action/adventure/outdoor media business reaching more than 45 million engaged consumers every month through its print, online, cellular, TV/ video and events systems. Delivering significant reach across various and both action sports enthusiast in-market consumer audiences, GrindMedia also generates more than 40 leading events and webcasts like Surfer Poll Awards, TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards, Powder Video Awards, Lowers Pro and EnduroCross. GrindMedia can also be the exclusive activity and adventure sports content provider